St. Lucia, Barbados, and Dominica

  • Peter Marina


Chapter 6 introduces St. Lucia, Barbados, and Dominica and its Charismatic religious leaders both inside and outside of PAWI as well as their various types of religious networking strategies in the Caribbean. This introduction leads to a larger analysis of the Charismatic movement in all three countries developing some of the major themes of this book including (1) the challenges of church growth and power, (2) the dialectical process of external adversity and internal conflict in the Charismatic movement, and (3) the simultaneous process of structural centralization and decentralization as the church continues to grow in numbers and power. The chapter ends with insight on the Charismatic movement’s capacity to defy rationality and its potential to make social change while questioning Weber’s iron cage.


Institutional religious leaders Charismatic religious leaders Religious networking strategies Church growth and power External diversity and internal conflict within religious movements Church centralization and decentralization 

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