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Containment: Laundry (2011), Directed by Louise Lowe

Produced by ANU Productions
  • Miriam Haughton
Part of the Contemporary Performance InterActions book series (CPI)


ANU’s Laundry, staged in a former laundry building in Dublin’s north city centre, visibly and viscerally merged the bodies of the past with the bodies of the present in performance. This production provoked conflicting memories and histories in the public sphere, urgent queries regarding the implementation of constitutional law, and renewed scrutiny of wider social value systems. In summary, Laundry staged and performed historical and modern trauma in Ireland. Many of the women the production referenced lie in unmarked graves, their lives and deaths rarely witnessed or documented. Acts of remembrance and ANU’s trademark ‘moments of communion’ created potent encounters for contemporary audiences and communities via site-specific, postdramatic and immersive staging strategies. Laundry staged some of the bodies the Irish body politic worked hard to hide.


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  • Miriam Haughton
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  1. 1.National University of IrelandGalwayIreland

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