Loss: Colder Than Here (2005) by Laura Wade

Premiered by the Soho Theatre London, Directed by Abigail Morris, Developed as Part of the Royal Court New Writer’s Programme 2003
  • Miriam Haughton
Part of the Contemporary Performance InterActions book series (CPI)


In contemporary English playwright Laura Wade’s subtly chilling play, the white English middle-class nuclear family is staged as ‘threshold people’. The Bradleys are bodies of time and space in flux and in crisis, provoked by a forthcoming traumatic encounter, death, which is knowable yet unknowable, a central paradigm of trauma. Their positions and customs are in transition, as are the laws, customs, conventions and ceremonials surrounding them while they inhabit this liminal ‘no one’s land’ between life and anticipated death in the near future. This relationship, between trauma, family and indeed the suggestion of impending ecological disaster, signals that the family in its current environment is inherently traumatic. Yet, by the play’s end there is also the suggestion of renewal, and indeed survival, though only by addressing the dysfunction that exists.


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