• Leonard von Morzé
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Building on two distinct bodies of Atlantic Studies scholarship, this collection of essays by historians and literary scholars demonstrates that the role played by port cities in cultural history deserves more focused study. The contributors to this book do not assume that the long-established research foci of Atlantic history (economics, kinship, and politics) can be separated from the study of culture; instead, they offer an interdisciplinary framework for a conception of the urban Atlantic world which includes cultural history, defined here as the history of the production of representational conventions for navigating everyday life, whether through built spaces or literary texts. This introduction acknowledges that the equation of cities with culture is the product of an imperial history in which this book inevitably participates. However, the contributors offer a methodological alternative to the genres of survey or synthesis. Instead, the contributors tell stories about how cultural forms circulated throughout the Atlantic world, and thus served to link cities with one another while also defining urban against nonurban spaces.

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