• Roksana Bahramitash
  • Atena Sadegh
  • Negin Sattari


This chapter starts with a review of literature on the topic of the social solidarity economy (sometimes referred to as the third sector), the pros and cons of this safety net—particularly in the case of Iran—as well as the importance of recognizing its existence despite challenges. In this book the topic of the social economy focuses on women of low-income households and examines the role of religion. With a trend towards the decline of the welfare state and rise in economic hardship, partly due to government mismanagement of the economy, partly due to sanctions on Iran, the social economy among those from low-income households plays a significant role in the economic survival of the poor. This book is focused on Islamic women only, but this is not to overlook or undermine non-religious women’s efforts to reduce poverty.


Community mobilization Safety net Social solidarity economy Islamist women Market economy 

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