(Un)becoming the I: A Duoethnography of Displacement

  • Aaron Bodle
  • Douglas J. Loveless


We frame this chapter around personal narratives dealing with issues of displacement as curriculum. This duoethnography examines our stories of becoming and unbecoming as we vacillate within entrenched/marginalized, insider/outsider, I/thou, and privileged/oppressed relationships intrinsic to teaching and learning. In this journey, we imagine the curricular and pedagogical possibilities of becoming co-creators within, and of, learning communities in which members generatively engage one another from distinct perspectives. Our personal stories illustrate issues of sociocultural dissensus along racial, religious, epistemological, and political lines.


Corporal Punishment Walk Away Critical Lens Extremist Ideology Eternal Damnation 
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  • Aaron Bodle
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  • Douglas J. Loveless
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  1. 1.Early, Elementary and Reading DepartmentJames Mason UniversityHarrisonburgUSA

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