A Fatally Wounded University?

  • Ingrid M. Hoofd


This chapter concludes that, in light of the analyses of the earlier chapters, the central logic of the university today is that of a ‘vision machine’ harbouring a ‘stealth’ functionality. In short, the university hides its violent operations by way of a problematic image of ‘being at the forefront’ of knowledge, transparency, emancipation, and truth. Mobilising the work of Jean Baudrillard, the chapter indicts the contemporary university as one where a stifling ‘productivist’ principle reigns, relegating everything else that does not comply with this logic as incomprehensible or abject. Even so, the chapter proposes that the instabilities, inconsistencies, fatalities, and ambiguities that are generated through technological acceleration also present an inappropriable possibility, promising of a radically different future for the university.


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