Podemos: The Emergence of a New Political Party in Spain

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In the last few years, Spain has experienced some dramatic social and political changes including the birth of a new party Podemos—literally “We can” echoing Barack Obama’s presidential campaign slogan “Yes, we can”—on 17 January 2014 in the wake of the “Indignant Movement”. An economic and social crisis characterised by the rise of poverty and social inequalities coupled with a deep political crisis fuelled by the corruption of the main political parties—the PP (the Popular Party, a right-wing party) and Psoe (the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party)—favoured the emergence of Podemos. Within less than two years, it succeeded in challenging the traditional two-party system, rejuvenating political elites and, to a certain extent, the monarchy itself—as King Juan Carlos, aged 76, abdicated in favour of his son Felipe VI—while introducing a new code of ethics limiting multiple offices as well as more social justice.


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