The Limits of Political Horizons and the Vocation of Theoretical Wandering

  • Hans-Jörg Sigwart
Part of the Global Political Thinkers book series (GPT)


This final chapter provides a brief overview of the normative and ethical implications of Arendt’s wandering thought. Her theory stresses the significance of political experience also in normative terms. The genuine contribution political theory has to offer to public political discourses is nonetheless rather critical than justificatory. Its vocation is majorly to understand the necessary conditions and the limitations of the political mode of understanding reality. These limitations particularly derive from the spatial conditions of the practice of politics. Against the background of the multi-contextual and fragmented social ontology of numerous political spaces and worlds brought out in Arendt’s exercises in political thought, her theory not only highlights the significance of politics for realizing freedom, but also indicates certain ethical ambivalences involved in it.


Political ethics Critique Nature 

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  • Hans-Jörg Sigwart
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