Jane Lead’s Prophetic Afterlife in the Nineteenth-Century English Atlantic

  • Philip Lockley
Part of the Christianities in the Trans-Atlantic World, 1500-1800 book series (CTAW)


Jane Lead enjoyed a prophetic afterlife among several transatlantic traditions of millennial religion in the nineteenth century, most notably Shakers, Mormons and Southcottians (the followers of Joanna Southcott). This chapter shows Shaker and Mormon interest in Lead was later than previously assumed, while Southcottians were more consistently linked to the transatlantic influence of Jane Lead’s prophetic writings. Sifting printed records and scattered sources, this chapter traces how Lead’s prophecies were compared to Southcott’s writings before 1814, and later used by Southcottian followers of Zion Ward and James Jezreel. Southcottian links are also shown to lie behind notice of Jane Lead within Transcendentalist literary circles on either side of the Atlantic.


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