Business Analytics for Price Trend Forecasting through Textual Data

  • Marco PospiechEmail author
  • Carsten FeldenEmail author
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Various data sources are available in the era of Big Data to increase business understanding. For example, price predictions based on news ticker offers a broad range of valuable information. An automatic analysis is able to support traders in their daily business to maximize profits. But, only little is known about this topic, yet. In cooperation with a globally acting company, we developed a generalizable approach to use news tickers for price trend forecasts. First, we realized that the effect on prices by news tickers is complex to identify. Second, irrelevant tickers decrease the performance. Several approaches are evaluated to identify relevant articles in an automatic fashion, whereby the functionality is demonstrated in two different case studies. The results are practicable. Our research contributes to the discussion about business analytics, business cases, and their realization. It can be applied in any domain where important events have to be considered instantly.


Price prediction Text mining Gas market Oil market Big Data Business intelligence 


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