Indigenization Discourse in Taiwanese Confucian Revivalism

  • John Makeham


From the 1960s to the late 1980s it was not uncommon for commentators both within and outside Taiwan to contrast Taiwan (“Free China”) with China (“Communist China”), describing Taiwan as a bastion of traditional Chinese culture, as a society that respected and preserved many traditional Chinese values and customs. Evidence of this was to be found in the official support that the ruling Chinese Nationalist Party (Zhongguo guomin Bang; hereafter GMD) gave to fostering programs of “cultural” renaissance and reconstruction, orthography, active publication of premodern texts (both by government agencies and private commercial publishers), the real and symbolic functions of the National Palace Museum, the influential academic and social roles occupied by senior scholars who had been trained in prewar China, school curricula and textbooks, university courses, as well as community and social events.1


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