The purpose of this volume is to make a timely contribution to analyzing what is arguably the single most important aspect of cultural and political change in Taiwan over the past quarter-century: the trend toward “indigenization” (bentuhua本土化). In Taiwan, indigenization has functioned as a type of nationalism that champions the legitimacy of a distinct Taiwanese identity, the character and content of which should be determined by the Taiwanese people. As such, it has contributed to the formation of, and, in turn, been enhanced by, such inter-related constructs as “Taiwan consciousness” (Taiwan yishi 薹灣意識),Taiwanese identity (Taiwan rentong 薹灣認同), Taiwanese subjectivity(Taiwan zhutixing 薹灣主體性), cultural subjectivity (wenhua zhutix-ing 文化主體性), national culture (minzu wenhua 民族文化), and Taiwan independence consciousness (Taidu yishi 薹獨意識).


Identity Politics Democratic Progressive Party Japanese Colonial Taiwanese People Mass Rapid Transit 
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