The Rational Choice Clue: Curing Epistemological Amnesia

  • Chih-yu Shih
Part of the Comparative Perspectives on Modern Asia book series (CPMA)


Although the impacts of nationalism seem to be on the rise in all parts of the world in the post–Cold War era, it has not become a familiar concept to students of international politics until very recently.1 For those political scientists dedicated to neorealist analyses, research on nationalism could potentially be unscientific for its tendency to reduce analyses of “international” politics to the “national” level.2 Or, it could potentially be counterproductive to neoliberal analysts for its inclination to distract attention from the institutionalization of common interests in the process of regime formation.3 It is thus conventional for realist and liberalist to treat nationalism as a cover of some other genuine values,4 a policy instrument to mobilize support,5 or a nostalgia for history writers,6 but not a topic that has intrinsic academic value in itself.


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