What Makes a True Peace Leader?

  • Shai Har-El


There are certain qualities found in all peace leaders, and I have listed ten key ones below (for more on leadership, see Chapter 7). Let me know if you can find one Israeli or Palestinian leader who carries one or several of these traits:
  • A peace leader is a standout pathfinder who knows the way, guides the way, and walks the way.

  • A peace leader is visionary, one who envisions new possibilities and drives his or her people toward the desired vision.

  • A peace leader turns politicians into leaders and inspires them to model their behavior consistent with his or her vision at all times.

  • A peace leader chooses to believe that peace is possible, when almost everyone else does not, and builds it patiently “peace by peace.”

  • A peace leader is a passionate, courageous, unyielding foot soldier in the unceasing battle for peace.

  • A peace leader battles for peace as fiercely as generals have waged war and fights on multiple fronts at the same time.

  • A peace leader thinks and steps out of the box, takes risks, and makes the impossible happen.

  • A peace leader listens attentively to his or her people and communicates authentically, actively, and effectively.

  • A peace leader takes total responsibility and holds himself or herself accountable for his or her performance as a peace warrior.

  • A peace leader relentlessly drives the peace process forward and keeps it alive despite consistent disappointments along the way.

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