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In this book, I examine play as a special activity that aids substantially the pursuit of a larger, encompassing leisure activity. This approach to the study of play is unique. It recognizes the hundreds of activities in which play and leisure come together to produce deeply fulfilling experiences and outcomes for the participants as well as for the consumers of the inventive products of this union. Many of these experiences are short, even fleeting. But, whatever their duration, their importance in the broader fields of play and leisure is extraordinary. Play — consciously or semi-consciously generating, identifying, and weighing ideas and choices for action — is in this, its essential sense, invariably imaginative and creative. Therefore, play can contribute hugely to the rewarding pursuit of those eudaemonic leisure activities that encourage it, resulting in, for instance, a wonderfully written passage of poetry, a brilliantly executed set of athletic maneuvers in basketball, or an exquisitely flavored sauce in cooking. Scientific interest in leisure’s core activities should include these playful moments, their inspiring, fulfilling ramifications, and what all this means for consumers of the participant’s creative products.


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