The Marx-Engels-Jahrbuch 2003 Edition of The German Ideology

  • Terrell Carver
  • Daniel Blank
Part of the Marx, Engels, and Marxisms book series (MAENMA)


In July 2004, a new publication of writings by Marx and Engels appeared in the German charts for nonfiction books (Sachbuchbestenliste). Reaching tenth place, attracting almost a dozen, mostly positive reviews in less than three months after its publication in April 2004, the Marx-Engels-Jahrbuch 2003 introduced some of the most fascinating writings by Marx and Engels to the audience of the new millennium (Hubmann, 2005: 5). The first volume of this yearbook, very much like the first “Probeband” of MEGA2 (1972), featured important manuscripts taken from what has become known as The German Ideology. The decision by the editors to dedicate the first volume of the newly relaunched yearbook entirely to the 1845–46 manuscripts emphasizes once more the significance of these particular writings.


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