Identifying a New, More Effective Role for China vis-à-vis Korean peninsula Issues through an Integrated Class Analysis Approach with Chinese Characteristics

  • Piao Jianyi
  • Ma Yunpeng
Part of the International Relations and Comparisons in Northeast Asia book series (IRCNA)


In constructing a theoretical approach to analyzing issues on the Korean peninsula with Chinese characteristics, this chapter argues, first, that North Korea should be seen as a rational actor in international affairs; and, second, that the security structure on the Korean peninsula should be recognized as asymmetric. In terms of methodology, this analysis employs an integrated class analysis method, utilizing both a national analysis method and an international relationship analysis method. In addition, it insists on an approach to studying Korean peninsula issues that is objective and independent.


Korean Peninsula Nuclear Weapon Security Structure Nuclear Deterrence Missile Defense 
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  • Ma Yunpeng

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