• Shaoying Zhang
  • Derek McGhee
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In this chapter, we will bring together and examine a number of themes explored in the analysis chapters, which include the construction of Xinjiang’s problems, apparatuses generated after the PAP, and the effects of discourse making within the communist system. By taking metaphors from Foucault’s study of the abnormal, we will show that the construction of Xinjiang’s problems is actually the process of diagnosing the “serious diseases of the child” through advocating the importance of the “child” together with a critique of the “irresponsible parents” who are unable to look after the “child”. Thus after the 7/5 riots, to cure the diseases of the “child”, the central government has taken measures to ensure unification, not only in relation to its minority population, but also towards its communist officials who are the instruments of the Communist Party in governing Xinjiang. However, as we will demonstrate, the construction of Xinjiang’s problems and associated practices are seriously challenged within the Party, since there are many problems within the process of discourse building, circulating and implementation at different levels. As will be argued, the seemingly monolithic Communist Party in fact contains numerous forms of competitions for and contestations of power. As a result, unintended consequences generated by official policies can be largely attributed to the prevalence of resistance and discretion amongst officials within the multilayered communist system.


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