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This book has argued a case for rational advocacy on behalf of Nonhuman Animals. The foundation for this approach is a basic requirement for substantiation. Advocates and organizations will benefit from grounding their theory and tactics in evidence and conducting efficacy research according to the scientific method. More than this, a rational approach will be cognizant of how social systems interfere with social movement decision-making. This approach recognizes the tendency for organizations to rationalize to the point of irrationality, having been pressured to professionalize under the constraints of the non-profit industrial complex. A rational approach also recognizes the importance of intersectionality. It is not rational to exclude persons of color, women, atheists, and other marginalized groups from claimsmaking and outreach. Building coalitions outside of the movement is absolutely essential for social movement success (Davis, 1990, pp.3–15; Jason, 2013, p.77; Szymanski, 2003, pp.212–16).


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