Rational Advocacy and the Logic of Persuasion

  • Corey Lee Wrenn


Professionalization brings with it many complications and compro-mises. It also works to normalize and naturalize particular tactics and goals which come to dictate the “common sense” of Nonhuman Animal advocacy. As explored in the previous chapter, the rationalization processes of large non-profits may lead to problematic irrationalities that can actually work to hinder or worsen progress toward Nonhuman Animal liberation. Organizations prioritize tactics and goals that are best suited to fundraising and organizational longevity, not necessarily those which would be better adapted to dismantling speciesism. It is therefore problematic to take for granted the efficacy and appropriateness of popular tactics promoted by these groups. Attention should be paid to whether or not tactics work for liberation and, to a much lesser extent, their economic potential. Advocates should be accountable to other animals, not to funding agents.


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