Reflections on Passing on the Knowledge

  • Fotini Vassiliki Kuloheri
Part of the Communicating in Professions and Organizations book series (PSPOD)


‘Passing on the Knowledge’ implies, from my perspective, being actively involved in imparting useful knowledge in effective ways that can make the value of the knowledge evident and the learning experience beneficial to the recipients. As an ELT practitioner lucky to have reached this stage and prompted by Kuchah’s, Edge’s and Wharton’s chapters to recall career memories of a lifetime, I have realised in retrospect that events, situations and actions have been so closely interwoven that it is unavoidable, while focusing on this main stage, not to also recall the former stages, the discourses of which have shaped my current professional activities substantially. From the three preceding chapters, it is mainly Kuchah’s that guided my recollections of all the stages above due to its detailed autobiographical nature. The other two have stimulated experiences related to the particular topics they pose, that is, semantic patterning, Cooperative Development, Action Research and writing for publication.


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