Institutionalizing the Tangwai: The DPP

  • C. L. Chiou


Probably more unintentionally than intentionally, the KMT allowed the local elections in the 1950s to expand slowly but steadily into national elections in the 1970s and 1980s, resulting in increasing democratization of the political systems in Taiwan. One of these political systems was the opposition party and two-party polity that had emerged from three decades of elections. Elections and the party system seemed to go hand in hand so well in Taiwan’s political development that it has been obvious that the two institutions have been closely linked in a symbiotic relationship. Probably more by historical accident than by purposeful design, the oppositionist democracy movement in Taiwan has, since 1947, taken the firm institutionalist path, in sharp contrast with the culturalist road trodden by the Chinese democratic reformists.


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