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For Chinese historians, Taiwan has its own creation myth. Once upon a time, the story goes, fierce dragons lived at Wuhumen, Five Tiger Gate, guarding the seaboard entrance to the present-day port of Fuzhou, in China’s south-eastern province of Fujian. One day, frolicking in the sea, they glided out through its depths and arrived at Taiwan. There, they began to cavort with especial abandon, ploughing through the earth itself. Where their heads surfaced at the north of the island, they threw up the bluff at Keelung. They then went writhing down the spine of the island, heaving up a jagged range of mountains. In a parting gesture, they gave a massive flap of their formidable tails, creating the sheer cliffs which mark the imposing south of the island, at the end of what is now called the Hengchun Peninsula.1


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