Slovenská Republika
  • Barry Turner
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The Czechoslovak State came into existence on 28 Oct. 1918, when the Czech Národni Výbor (National Committee) took over the overnment of the Czech lands upon the dissolution of Austria-Hungary. Two days later the Slovak National Council manifested its desire to unite politically with the Czechs. On 14 Nov. 1918 the first Czechoslovak National Assembly declared the Czechoslovak State to be a republic with T. G. Masaryk as President (1918-35). The Treaty of St Germain-enLaye (1919) recognized the Czechoslovak Republic, consisting of the Czech lands (Bohemia, Moravia, part of Silesia) and Slovakia. To these lands were added, as a trust, the autonomous province of Subcarpathian Ruthenia. This territory was broken up for the benefit of Germany, Poland and Hungary by the Munich agreement (29 Sept. 1938) between UK, France, Germany and Italy.


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