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AREA AND POPULATION. The frontiers of the former territory were readjusted in 1904, 1933, 1948 and 1954 (see The Statesman’s Year-Book, 1959, p. 1011). The Republic now covers an area of 1,204,021 sq. km with an estimated population of 5–6m. on 1 Jan. 1974. The most densely populated and richest of the 19 districts are those of San, Mopti, Sikasso, Koutiala, Bamako and Ségou. Bamako, the capital (population, 170,000), Mopti (32,400), Kayes (28,500), Ségou (28,100), Sikasso (21,800), Gao (15,400), San (14,900) and Tombouctou (9,000) are important towns.

République du Mali


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