République du Sénégal
  • John Paxton
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AREA AND POPULATION. The Republic has a total area of 197,722 sq. km; the population in 1973 was about 3·9m. The capital is Dakar (population, 581,000). Kaolack (96,238), Thiès (90,456), Saint-Louis (81,204), Rufisque (48,101), Ziguinchor (45,772) and Diourbel (40,230) are other important towns. The principal autochthonous tribes are the Ouolofs (about 700,000, mostly Moslems), Bambaras, Mandingos, Peuls (Fulbés) and Toucouleurs. In 1971 some 71,473 refugees from Portuguese Guinea were living in Senegal.

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