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In 1863 Portugal was a constitutional monarchy under King Louis I of the house of Braganza-Coburg, with a bicameral legislature: the House of Peers, nominated by the King for life and, until 1864, partly hereditary, and the House of Deputies, elected by voters with property qualifications. The population of continental Portugal was 3,830,000; Lisbon had 280,000 inhabitants. The revenue for 1863–64 amounted to 15·37m. milreis (£3·42m.), the expenditure to 16·9m. (£3·76m.); public debt in 1862 was 149·85m. milreis (£33·7m.). Telegraph (1855) and railways (1856) had been introduced. The death penalty was abolished for political crimes in 1852, and was to be abolished for civil crimes in 1867. The trade was chiefly with the United Kingdom ; two-thirds of Portugal’s exports was wine. The colonies had a population of about 2·5m.; slavery had been abolished; there was (and is) no colour bar.

República Portuguesa


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