The Commonwealth of Australia

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In 1863 the continent of Australia contained the 6 separately constituted colonies of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania; New South Wales including the present Northern Territory (until 1863) and Queensland which had only just (1859) been constituted a separate colony. Federation still lay nearly 40 years ahead, although initial steps towards this goal had already been taken. Much of the continent was still unexplored. Gold had been discovered in New South Wales and Victoria some 10 years earlier, and subsequently in Queensland. The country was still recovering from the adverse effects of the early discoveries of gold on other sectors of the economy—in particular agriculture, and in addition New South Wales had recently experienced heavy and greatly destructive floods. The pastoral industry had suffered from the incidence of the anthrax disease. Transportation of convicts had ceased in New South Wales in 1850, but was still continued elsewhere. Manhood suffrage and the vote by ballot had recently been established in New South Wales and Victoria.


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