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In 1863 the monarchy consisted of the kingdom of Denmark (14,493 sq. miles, l•6m. inhabitants at the census of 1860), the duchies of Schleswig, Holstein and Lauenburg (7,363 sq. miles, lm. inhabitants), the dependencies of Iceland (65,000 inhabitants), Faroe (8,650) and Greenland (9,900) and the West Indian colonies of St Croix, St Thomas and St John (37,100). The revenue in 1862–63 amounted to 27•1m. rixdollars (£3m.), the expenditure to 22•9m. (£2•6m.). 53% of the population were engaged in agriculture, 26% in handicrafts and industry and 6% in commerce. Grain growing for home consumption and export was of primary importance, while animal husbandry was insignificant. Commerce benefited from the reduction of internal barriers (1857) and external tariffs (1863). About half of the total foreign trade of Denmark was with Great Britain.

Konggeriget Danmark


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