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In June 1863 the Amir Dost Mohammed died soon after restoring the western boundaries of the Sadozai dominions by capturing Herát. Afghánistan’s northern boundaries were more extensive, if more vague, than they are today, with the Turkish khanates under merely nominal suzerainty and always ready to play off the Amir of Bokhara against the Amir of Afghanistan. In the south, Sibi, Pishin, Kurrarm were still part of Afghanistan, as were the Khyber and Miohni passes. Dost Mohammed was succeeded by his third son Sher Ali, who immediately faced a civil war, which lasted till 1869 and which was instigated by his elder brothers Afzal Khan, governor of Balkh (and father of the Amir Abdur Rahman), and Azim Khan.

Doulat i Pádsháhí ye Afghánistán


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