French Union

Union Fkançaise
  • S. H. Steinberg
Part of the The Statesman’s Yearbook book series (SYBK)


Accordino to the Constitution of the French Republic, passed on 29 September and confirmed by referendum on 13 October, 1946, ‘the Trench Union consists, on the one hand, of the French Republic which comprises Metropolitan France, the overseas departments and territories, and on the other hand, of the associated territories and states’ (Art. 60). Chapter VIII of the Constitution (Artioles 60–82) defines the principles and organization of the Union; its most important provisions are as follows:— The central organs of the French Union are: the Presidency, the High Council and the Assembly (Art. 63). The President of the French Republic is the President of the French Union of which he represents the permanent interests (Art. 64). The High Council is composed—under the presidency of the President of the Union—of a delegation of the French Government and of the representatives of the associated states, accredited to the President of the Union. Its function is to assist the Government in the general management of the Union (Art. 65). The Assembly consists half of members representing Metropolitan France and half of members representing the overseas departments and territories and the associated states (Art. 66). The overseas territories are endowed with a special statute, taking into aoeount their particular interests within the framework of the general interests of the republio (Art. 74). An elected assembly is instituted in each territory (Art. 77). All French citizens and nationals of the French Union are citizens of the French Union (Art. 81).


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