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Palestine lies on the western edge of the continent of Asia, at the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean sea, between latitude 29° 30′ and 33° 15′ N. and longitude 34° 15′ and 35° 40′ E. It is bounded by the Mediterranean sea on the west, by the republics of Syria and Lebanon on the north, by Transjordan on the east, and by the Egyptian province of Sinai on the south. The land surface can be divided into the following fairly distinct regions:—(1) The coastal plain from the Egyptian frontier to Haifa: the Haifa-Acre plain, with the plain of Esdraelon running out of it to the south east, and cutting in two the central hill region. (2) The hill regions of Galilee, Samaria and Judaea, rising in places to heights of 750–1,200 m. (2,460- 3,940 ft.). (3) The Negeb: a semi-desert and desert region of triangular shape extending from a base a few kilometres south of Beersheba to an apex at the head of the Gulf of ’Aqaba. The central portion rises to heights of about 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.). (4) The Jordan Valley: a depression including Lakes Hula and Tiberias and the Dead Sea, and ranging from a height of 70 m. (230 ft.) above sea-level in the north at Lake Hula to a depth of 392 m. (1,286 ft.) below sea-level at the Dead Sea in the south.


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