(República de Guatemala.)
  • M. Epstein
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The Republic of Guatemala was established on April 17, 1839, after having formed for eighteen years part of the Confederation of Central America. The present Constitution came into effect January 1, 1928. The legislative power is vested in a single-chambered National Assembly, consisting of 74 representatives (one for every 30,000 inhabitants) chosen by direct popular vote for 4 years. In addition a Council of State of 7 members, 3 elected by the National Assembly, and 4 appointed by the President of the Republic, has supervision of public concessions and contracts, and large advisory powers. The President is normally elected for 6 years, and barred from re-election for a period of 12 years, but President Ubico’s term, which expired in 1937, was, as the result of a plebiscite held in June, 1935, and through an amendment to the Constitution in September, 1941, extended to March 15, 1949.


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