San Marino

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The independent Republic of San Marino, which claims to be the oldest State in Europe, is embraced in the area of Italy. A new treaty of friendship with the Kingdom of Italy was concluded June 28, 1897, and renewed on March 31, 1939. The Republic has extradition treaties with England, Belgium, Holland, and United States. The legislative power of the Republic is vested in the Grand Council of 60 members elected by popular vote, a third of whom are renewable every three years, and two of whom are appointed every six months to act as Regents (Capitani reggènti). The regents exercise executive power, assisted by various nominated congresses, via., Consiglio dei XII, Congresso Economico di Stato, Congresso dei Legali, Congresso degli Studia Congresso militare. The administration of justice is under magistrates, who are Italian citizens. There are several elementary schools and one high school, the diplomas of which are recognized by Italian universities.

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