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The first Constitution of the Republic of Bolivia (so named in 1825) bears date October 28, 1880. A new Constitution was adopted in October, 1938, whereby executive power is vested in a President, elected for four years by direct popular vote, and not eligible for re-election until four years after his term has ended. In the event of his death or failure to assume the office, the ‘President of the Senate becomes President. There is a Congress of two chambers, called the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, which meets annually on August 6 at La Paz, There are 3 Senators for each of nine Departments, elected for six years (one third retiring every two years), and 70 Representatives are elected for four years (one-half retiring every two years). Extraordinary sessions may be held for special purposes when convoked by the Executive, or by a majority of both Chambers. The President’s Cabinet consists of the Ministers of 11 departments.


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