The Dominions in the British Commonwealth of Nations

  • M. Epstein
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Constitution and Government.—The Constitution of Alberta is contained in the British North America Act of 1867, and amending Acts; also in the Alberta Act of 1905, passed by the Parliament of the Dominion of Canada, creating the province. In the British North America. Act, provision was made for the admission of the new provinces from time to time, including the then North-West Territories, of which the present province of Alberta formed a large portion. Upon the granting of autonomy to the North-West Territories, Alberta and Saskatchewan were erected into provinces, and all the provisions of the British North America Act, except those with respect to schools, lands, and the public domain, weremade to apply to Alberta as they apply to the older provinces of Canada. On October 1, 1930, the natural resources were transferred from the Dominion to Provincial Government control. The province is represented by 6 members in the Senate and 17 in the House of Commons of Canada.


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