Empire of All the Russias
  • J. Scott Keltie
Part of the The Statesman’s Yearbook book series (SYBK)


Nicholas II., Emperor of All the Russias, born May 6 (May 18 new style), 1868, the eldest son of the Emperor Alexander III. and of Princess Dagmar (Maria Feodorovna), daughter of the late King Christian IX. of Denmark ; ascended the throne at the death of his father October 20 (November 1 new style), 1894 ; married, November 14 (26), 1894, to Princess Alexandra Alix (Alexandra Feodorovna), daughter of Ludwig IV., Grand Duke of Hesse, born May 25 (June 6), 1872.


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Russia

1. Officiai, Publications Russian

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  2. Agriculture: Annual Statement respecting Crops in Russia. By the Central Statistical Committee (Yearly).—Report on Forestry. By the General Direction of Land Organization and Agriculture.—Stati stical Data, published by the General Director of State Monopolies: Tobacco Product, Alcohol Productions, Sugar Industry.Google Scholar
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  5. Justice: Statistics concerning Judicial Institutions. St. Petersburg, Annual.—Collection of Statistical Data concerning Criminal Affairs.—Reports on Prison Administration.Google Scholar
  6. Mines: Report of Department of Mines (Annual).Google Scholar
  7. Navy: Annual of the Ministry of the Navy.Google Scholar
  8. Population: Movement of Population in European Russia. Report of the Medical Department.—Year-Book for 1909, by the Central Statistical Committee. St. Petersburg, 1910.Google Scholar
  9. Postal and Telegraph Statistics. Annual.—Statistical Review of the Russian Railways and Internal Water Communications.—River Fleet in the Memoirs of the Statistical and Cartographical Section of the Ministry of Ways of Communication.—Monthly Publication of the Statistical and Cartographical Section of the Ministry of Ways of Communications.Google Scholar
  10. Trade: Review of the Foreign Trade of Russia for 1908. St. Petersburg, 1910.— Review of the Foreign Trade on the European Frontier for 1909. St. Petersburg, 1910.Google Scholar
  11. French, English, &c.Google Scholar
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2. Non-Official Publications

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