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Peter I., born June 29 (O.S.), 1844, son of Alexander Karageorgeviteh; married, July 30 (O.S.), 1883, to Princess Zorka, daughter of Prince Nikolas of Montenegro; widower March 4 (O.S.), 1890; ascended the throne, June 2 (O.S.), 1903. The children of the King are Princess Helene, born October 23 (O.S.), 1884; Prince George, born August 27 (O.S.), 1887; on March 27 (N.S.), 1909, Prince George renounced his right of succession to the throne to which Prince Alexander will succeed; Prince Alexander, now heir apparent, born December 4 (O.S.), 1888.


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Servia

1. Official Publications

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2. Non-Official Publications

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