India, the Colonies, Protectorates, and Dependencies of the British Empire

  • J. Scott Keltie
Part of the The Statesman’s Yearbook book series (SYBK)


In the following pages the various sections of the British Empire outside the United Kingdom are arranged in alphabetical order under the divisions of the world to which they belong:— 1. Europe; 2. Asia; 3. Africa; 4. America; 5. Australasia and Oceania.


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Other West African Colonies, Etc

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References: Bermuda in Colonial Reports. Annual. London.

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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Canada and British North America. 1. Official Publications

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Non-Official Publications

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References: Annual Report on the Colony

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Books of Reference on the West Indies

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Books of Reference concerning the Commonwealth of Australia. 1. Official Publications

  1. Each of the States publishes an Annual Blue Book and Statistical Register as well as Annual Reports of the various administrative, industrial, educational, and other departments.Google Scholar
  2. The following official publications dealing with the Commonwealth have been prepared by Mr. G. H. Knibbs, F.S.S. F. R. A.S., Commonwealth Statistician:—Google Scholar
  3. Trade, Customs and Excise Revenue of the Commonwealth, 1906, 190Y, and 1908. Two parts.Google Scholar
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2. Non-Official Publications

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Books of Reference

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Books of Reference

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Books of Reference

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