Congo Independent State

  • J. Scott Keltie
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The Congo Independent State has succeeded to the Congo International Association, founded in 1882 by Leopold II., King of the Belgians. That Association, having obtained the recognition of its sovereignty by treaties in 1884 and 1885 with most of the European nations and the United States of America, adhered, February 26, 1885, to the resolutions of the Congress of Berlin. These resolutions, collected in a “General Act,” establish freedom of trade in the basin of the Congo, and declare absolutely free the navigation of the Congo, its tributaries, and the lakes and canals connected with it ; they lay down rules for the protection of the natives and the suppression of the slave trade, and impose on the Powers which signed the Act the obligation to accept the mediation of one or more friendly governments should any serious dispute occur concerning the territories of the conventional basin of the Congo. An International Conference at Brussels in 1890 authorised the Government of the Independent State to levy certain duties on imports.


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