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The Republic of Ecuador was constituted May 11, 1830, in consequence of a civil war which separated the members of the Central American Free-state founded by Simon Bolivar on the ruins of the Spanish colony and kingdom of New Granada. By its constitution, dating March 31, 1813, the executive is vested in a President, elected for the term of four years, while the legislative power is given to a Congress of two Houses, the first consisting of 18 senators and the second of 30 deputies, both elected by universal suffrage. The Congress has to assemble on the 15th September of every year at Quito, the capital and seat of the government, without being summoned by the government. The nomination of the President takes place, in an indirect manner, by 900 electors, returned by the people for the purpose. The electors appoint, together with the head of the executive, a Vice-President, who, in certain cases, may be r-ade to succeed him before his term of office has come to an end.

Republica del Ecuador


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