Estados Unidos de Colombia
  • Frederick Martin
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The federative republic of Colombia, officially styled the United States of Colombia, was formed by the Convention of Bogota, concluded Sept. 20, 1801, by the representatives of nine states previously a part of New Granada. A constitution, bearing date May 8, 1863, vests the executive authority in a president elected for two years, while the legislative power rests with a Congress of two Houses, called the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Senate, numbering 27 members, is composed of representatives of the nine states, each deputing three senators; the House of Representatives, numbering 66 members, is elected by universal suffrage, each State forming a constituency and returning one member for 50,000 inhabitants, and a second for every additional 20,000. Besides the central government thus created, each of the nine states has its own legislature and chief executive officer, the latter called Governor in all except Panama, which gives him the title of President.


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