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Francis Joseph I., Emperor of Austria, and King of Hungary, born August 18, 1830, the son of Archduke Francis Charles and of Archduchess Sophia, Princess of Bavaria, Educated under the care of his mother, by Count Ilenry Bombelles, the descendant of an ancient family of French emigrants. Appointed Governor of Bohemia, April 5, 1848; took part in the battle of Santa-Lucia, near Verona, Slay 6, 1848; declared of age, December 1,1848. Proclaimed Emperor of Austria in consequence of the abdication of his uncle, Ferdinand I., and the renunciation of the crown by his lather, Francis Charles, December 2, 1848; crowned King of Hungary, and took the oath on the Hungarian Constitution, June 8, 1867. Married April 24, 1854, to


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Austria

1. Official Publications

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  8. Tariff of Import Duties upon tho principal articles of British produce and manufactures. London, 1866.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications

  1. Annuario Marittimo per l’Anno 1867, compilato dal Lloyd austriaco coll’ approvazione dell’ eccelso i. r. governo centrale marittimo. XVII. Annata. 8. Trieste, 1867.Google Scholar
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