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Maximilian I., Emperor of Mexico, born July 6, 1832, the son of Archduke Francis Charles of Austria, and of Princess Sophia of Bavaria; entered the Austrian navy, 1846; appointed admiral commander-in-chief of the Imperial Marine, 1859; elected Emperor of Mexico by the ‘Asemblea de Notables,’ July 10, 1863; accepted the crown, offered by a Mexican deputation, April 10, 1864; landed at Vera Cruz, May 29, 1864; arrived at the city of Mexico, and assumed the reins of government, June 12, 1864. Married, July 27, 1857, to


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Mexico

1. Official Publications

  1. Anales del Ministerio de Fomento. Obras Publicas, Mejoras Materiales, Colonizacion, Descubrimientos, Inventos y Perfeccionamientos hechos en las Cienciasy las Artes, y utiles aplicaciones practicas. Tomo primero. 8. México, 1854.Google Scholar
  2. Reports of Mr. Consul Jonson and Mr. Consul Blacker, on the Trade andCommerce of Mexico; in ‘Abstract of Reports on the Trade of various Conn- tries.’ No. XI. Fol. London, 1862. Statistical Tables relating to Foreign Countries. Fart IX. Losdou, 1864.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications

  1. Chevalier (Michel), Mexico: Ancient and Modern. 2 vols. 8. London, 1864.Google Scholar
  2. Eglofstein (Baron F.W. von), Contributions to the Geologrand the Physical Geography of Mexico; with Profiles of some of the principal Mining Districts. 8. New York, 1865.Google Scholar
  3. Hauilab (Frz. v.), Ueber die Bodengestaltung in Mexico und deren Einfluss nuf Verkehr und Militärischen Angriff und Verteidigung. With Maps and Plates. 8. Vienna, 1865.Google Scholar
  4. Müller (J. W.), Reisen in den Vereinigten Staaten, Canada und Mexico. 3 vols. 8, Leipzig, 1865.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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