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Luis I., King of Portugal, born Oct. 31, 1838, the son of Queen Maria II. and of Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg; succeeded his brother, King Pedro V., Nov. 11, 1861; married Oct. 6, 1862, to


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Statistical and other Books of Reference concerning Portugal

1. Official Publications

  1. Reports by Mr. Herries, H. M.’s Secretary of Legation, on Trade and Mining Industry, and Legislative Measures connected with Commerce, dated October, 1862; in ‘Reports of II. M.’s Secretaries of Embassy,’ &c. No. VI. London, 1863.Google Scholar
  2. Reports by Mr. Hemes, H. M.’s Secretary of Legation, on Commerce and Finance, dated July, 1863, and Jan. 27, 1861; in ‘Reports of H. M.’s Secretaries of Embassy,’ &e. No. VII. London, 1864.Google Scholar
  3. Report by Mr. Consul Smith on the Trade of Portugal for the year 1862; in “Commercial Reports received at the Foreign Office.’ London, 1865.Google Scholar
  4. Statistical Tables relating to Foreign Countries. Part IX. London, 1864.Google Scholar

2. Non-Official Publications

  1. Aldama-Atala (G. de) Compendio Geográphico-estadistico de Portugal e sus Posesiones Ultramarinas. 8. Madrid, 1860.Google Scholar
  2. Balbi (A.) Essai Statistique sur le Royaume de Portugal. 2 vols. 8. Paris, 1822.Google Scholar
  3. Eschwege (Wilhelm L. von) Portugal: ein Staats und- Sittengemälde, nach dreissigjährigen Beobachtungen und Erfahrungen. 8. Hamburg, 1837.Google Scholar
  4. Lopes (B. de Silva) Corografia, ou Memoria Economica, Estadística e Topográfica do Reino do Algarve. Lisboa, 1841.Google Scholar
  5. Marques (P. G.) Diccionario Geográfico Abbreviado das oito Provincias de Portugal e Algarve. 8. Porto, 1853.Google Scholar
  6. Minano (Sebast. de) Diccionario G eográfico-estadistico de España y Portugal. 10 vols. Madrid, 1826–35.Google Scholar
  7. Minutoli (G. von) Portugal und seine Colonien im Jahre, 1854. 2 vols. 8. Stuttgart, 1855.Google Scholar
  8. Vogel (Ch.) Le Portugal et ses Colonies; Tableau Politique et Commercial de la Monarchie Portugaise. 8. Paris, 1861.Google Scholar

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