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Napoléon III,, Charles Louis, Emperor of the French, born April 20, 1808, the third son of Louis Napoleon, formerly King of Holland, and of Queen Hortense, daughter of the Empress Josephine of France, by her first husband, Viscount Beauharnais. Educated, under the supervision of his mother, by the Abbé Bertrand and M. Philippe Le Bas, at Arenenberg, Switzerland, and at the grammar-school of Augsburg; studied military science at Thun, Switzerland, under the direction of General Dufour; took part in the revolt of the Carbonari, in the Pontifical States, March 1831; attempted to raise an insurrection at Strasbourg, October 30, 1836; detained prisoner at Strasbourg till November 9, 1836, and, transported to Loriens, sent in exile to America; returned to Europe in September 1837, and was present at the death of his mother, at Arenenberg, October 3, 1837; landed at Boulogne to raise an insurrection, August G, 18–10; tried by the High Court of Justice of the Chamber of Peers, and condemned to perpetual imprisonment, October 9, 1840; escaped from the fortress of Ham, by the aid of Dr. Conneau, May 24, 1846; elected member of the Constituent Assembly, in five departments, August 1848; returned to France, September 21, 1848; elected President of the French Republic for four years, by 5,562,834 votes, December 10, 1848; took the oath on the Constitution, December 20, 1848; dissolved the National Assembly by a coup d’état, December 2, 1851; elected President of the Republic for ten years, by 7,439,216 votes, December 20–21, 1851; chosen hereditary Emperor by a ‘plebiscite’ of 7,864,189 votes against 231,145 votes, Novemher 21–22, 1852; accepted the imperial dignity and assumed the title ‘Napoleon III., Emperor of the French,’ December 1, 1852. Married, January 29, 1853, to


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