“For a People’s Clydebank”: Learning the Ethic of Solidarity amidst the Wreckage of Neoliberalism in Contemporary Scotland

  • Chik Collins
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Patricia Rice passed away about a year after I interviewed her. Actually, she would have laughed at my calling it an interview. In late 2007 she came to talk to me about the Clydebank Independent Resource Centre. After her retirement—following a lifetime of activism in the town of Clydebank—Patricia had played an important role in the organization. I had been asked to write a report about the centre by Oxfam—a UK-based NGO that campaigns against poverty. Oxfam was interested in the centre for its relevance to the NGO’s UK Poverty Programme. Patricia and her colleagues hoped the report would also have some immediate local value in an ongoing battle to sustain their organization.


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