Music, Public Health, and Health Promotion: Can Music Be a Social Determinant of Health?

  • Donald E. Stewart
  • J. Yoon Irons


This chapter examines the contribution of group music making and associated social affiliation to societal and individual well-being. Using the World Health Organization’s definition of the social determinants of health, the chapter directs our attention to the social, psychological, and environmental factors that impinge upon our health status and also to the contribution of these factors over the life course. Consideration of these psycho-social-cultural determinants gives us the opportunity to establish the links between music, health, and well-being. We argue that cultural activities and artefacts are often neglected aspects of the non-health determinants and should be added as contributors to the determinants of health status.


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  • Donald E. Stewart
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  • J. Yoon Irons
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