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Chapter 8 offers some final thoughts and comments beginning with a discussion involving a high-ranking PAWI official on Bishop Bradford’s attempt to unite the previously divided Christian Churches in the English-speaking Caribbean. This chapter continues with a brief summary of some of the book’s major themes and findings on topics related to religious networking, church growth, the simultaneous process of centralization and decentralization, balancing charisma and institutionalization, and the internal divisions and external pressures of the Charismatic movement. A discussion ensues that provides deeper insight into some of the more controversial issues within the Charismatic movement. The book concludes with an outlook on the Charismatic movement in the English-speaking Caribbean and its possibilities as it pushes toward the future.


Church unity in the Caribbean Future of the Caribbean Charismatic movement Controversial issues in the Charismatic movement Caribbean culture and Charismatic religion Pentecostalism in the Caribbean Religion and culture tied to the land 

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